Hi! The name is Courtney. I’m a 25 year old gal, a new homeowner, owner of the best kitty and puppy ever and very lucky in love!

I started subscribing to all these box subscriptions and thought, why not start reviewing them?

LuxeBox, Glossybox, Julep, Ipsy, Lip Factory Inc. and Fortune Cookie Soap are just a few of the ones I’m subscribed to! If you can think or reccommend any other good Canadian ones I’d love to hear about them 🙂

I love make-up, instagram, photography, coffee, dogs, Autumn, chunky jewelry, trying new recipes, pinterest, Football (Go Colts!), zombies, nature, camping, hiking, the ocean & books.

This blog will be mainly about box subscriptions and reviews but I may throw in a photo or two of my animals or a new recipe I tried too 🙂

Enjoy lovelies!

Courtney 🙂

Follow me on Instagram @Short__
Follow me on Twitter @CCheverie18

Check out my pictures at www.flickr.com/oh_snap_18


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