2013 Julep Spring Mystery Box

1 Apr

Hey Lovelies,

I received my Spring Mystery Box from Julep over a week ago now, I’ve just been busy with an injured puppy! So I’ve had to keep more of an eye on him and less time on the computer hah!

I got the Version 5 box and am quite pleased with it! I never received the earrings but thats okay 🙂

Here is all the contents!


Set of One-Step Polish Remover Packettes
“Each packette contains ten pads. Each no-mess, lint-free pad is infused with aloe vera to moisturize and condition your nails. A great on-the-go solution for polish removal.”
Retail Price: $9.99
Maven Price: $7.99


Quick Dry Polish Drops
“A few of these game-changing quick-dry drops will leave your manicure touchably smudge-free much sooner. Includes conditioning ingredients such as Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil to nourish and hydrate nails.”
Retail Price: $14.00
Maven Price: $10.00

I love these! they work pretty well and I find there is less chipping after a couple of days because of it! Not to mention I love the smell


Julep Nail File
I couldn’t find any info on the website about the price.
My guess would be about $2.00-$3.00!


Now for the polishes 😀


“Hot tropical pink crème”
Retail Price: $14.00
Maven Price: $11.20

I used this with Camille on my accent finger for Easter.. it is so pretty!!


“Nude, blush pearl.”
Retail Price: $14.00
Maven Price: $11.20


This was the mystery color in everyones box!
Just a really nice Spring glitter polish!
I would assume the price is the same as every other polish
Retail Price: $14.00
Maven Price: $11.20


Almost like a coral pink sparkle!
I also couldn’t find this on the website
Retail Price: $14.00
Maven Price: $11.20


Set of 3 Swatch Me Sticker Sheets
Retail Price: $9.99
Maven Price: $7.99
The Mystery Box had an add-on this time around so this was one of the add-ons!


Cabochan Ring
Not sure of the retail value for it!
I added it on I think for $3.99
It’s a pretty neat idea, you use nail polish to color it however you want!
I’m waiting for my Brights collection to get here to do it 🙂


3 Neon Hair Ties
I think these are super cute and reminds me of an Easter present I’d get as a kid.
Not sure of the value.


A little added bonus of chocolate eggs!
I received 3 but ate one before I started taking pics for my blog post. Oops! 🙂

There you have it folks, my Spring Mystery Box! The value that I know of is $79.99 but that doesn’t include the price of the hair ties, chocolate eggs & nail file.
I’m also not including my add-ons into that price either.


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